WikiLeaks: Sudden Muslin Flow Could Drown Europe

It’s difficult NOT to picture Merkel in the padded-cell section of a funny farm under heavy sedation and in an industrial-strength straitjacket. Time was when it took a goodly number of nukes to wipe out Europe. All you need now is one Blöde Kuh with a Wiedergutmachung complex. Over 7 million Muslim misfit migrants – including much-overlooked straggling family members – have already grabbed a place at the German welfare trough, and that’s just the beginning of the end. So says a pretty much hushed-up government estimate. On top of that comes Angelic Turkey, whose citizens will be swamping Germany – first as visa holders and then as EU residents. Germany’s saddo satellite states will serve as overspill areas, having become part of Mushrooming Merkelstan. German government statistics make it abundantly clear that the Muslim newcomers are oh-so unemployable, although many of them will undoubtedly thrive in one profession*


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