Breaking: Clinton and Her Staff Never Used Authorized Phones or IPADS: No Rules, No Boundaries


The moment Hillary Clinton took office as secretary of state, she had different rules to obey, no rules, no boundaries. She used whatever phones or IPADs she wanted to without approval, as well as her staff. You have to ask yourself, do you really want a president that believes she’s above any rules or boundaries? This is one dangerous woman that risked the lives of Americans and our sovereignty. It frightens me to think what our military went through to know that every move or mission they did could’ve been leaked or jeopardized. Very scary! We know so far five foreign governments hacked into her information. Hillary has proven that she can’t be trusted!

Breaking: Fox News Reported with Jennifer Griffin

*Wreck less

*Shows no responsibility or accountability

*High Risk

*Double Jeopardy




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