Hillary’s Haunting Campaign Was a Bittersweet Treat for Republicans that Left a Bad After Taste

I have to admit after being a born again Republican as well as Christian.  I knew there was something behind the Clinton campaign, but I had no idea how bad it actually was, but now that I look back it all makes sense.  I remember when SEAL TEAM Six met their fatal fate in Afghanistan.  It never made sense how the Taliban knew their logistical location that day.  But it’s all starting to make sense.  You have to wonder if it was due to part of Clinton’s negligence that led to that horrific day.  Sadly, we will probably never know the real truth. We can fill our minds with mere speculation, but all these leaks make you wonder, what led to the crash that day?  Like I said, all of these leaks are like a bad sewage leak that spreads all over the floor, and before you know it, it’s filling the crevices and crannies in the walls.  Nasty!  There’s no other word for it, nasty!  How could anyone think that they’re so above confidentiality and rules, that they have no boundaries?  It’s mind boggling to say the least that someone so careless jeopardizes American civilization’s existence. She’s not only a threat to America but to the world.  What’s going to happen to all the foreign countries that paid to play, what happens when she can’t make good on all of her crooked promises? This is very bad. It’s nasty!

We don’t know the collateral damage she has caused.  It’s worse than an 8.0 earthquake we could feel trimmers for along while, with aftershocks.

They say 5 foreign governments hacked into her server. Five of America’s worst enemies could be: Iran, ISIS, Russia, China, North Korea possibly more!  Be careful who’s knocking at your door! Or you could be found dead on the floor with more flooding immigrants pouring like a wild river.


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