WikiLeaks: Clinton Controlled By Socialism Group American Progress with Soros Leading the Pack

As important—and complex—as the health care debate was seven years ago when Clinton last ran for president, it’s dwarfed today by the sheer magnitude of the structural problems in the American economy, a sapping of dynamism and middle-income purchasing power that has given consumers (and voters) a permanent sense of the blahs, even as big banks and corporations book record profits. Two years ago, Tanden, now the head of the Clinton-friendly Center for American Progress—who is still in frequent contact with Clinton and CAP founder John Podesta who is the campaign’s chairman—embarked on an ambitious effort to create a comprehensive Democratic blueprint for tacking these problems. The effort didn’t have Clinton’s official sanction, but she was kept in the loop and its mission statement fits Clinton’s own private assessment of the problem. Middle-income wage stagnation and growth that benefits only the wealthiest “is an economic problem that threatens to become a problem for [the] political system—and for the idea of democracy itself,” the report found.


It’s time to wake up America before it’s too late!

You’ve been had!

Are you starting to feel a little mad?

It’s time to put on your red, white and blue plaid!

Don’t be a fake superhero.

America needs a real hero!

Not a Soros Zero!


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