Don’t Get Stuck In the Democratic Trap, It’s a Slap, Full of Crap

I remember as a child hearing the fairy-tale of Hansel and Gretel.  Remember the children that got lost in the woods, and they come upon this house that’s made out of all kinds of cookies and candy.  It looked really good on the outside, but once in they realized they had been tricked snickered by an evil old witch that wanted to fatten them up and eat them.  This reminds me of the democrats, they make everything look good on the outside, but once you’re in it’s a death trap.  A lot of people don’t realize that this isn’t the same Democratic  Party that my parents were a part of.  This party is full of all kinds of evil and deception that makes everything look good on the outside, but it’s really a death trap. We have to be so careful this day and time because everyone is wanting a piece of the American Pie that we worked so hard to build with our hard labor.  Now they want to cross the borders with the mindset of entitlement, well I made it, so I deserve it!  Tell that to the farmer that gets up at 4:00 am every morning to feed his livestock or plant his crops.  Tell that to the struggling single mom that works two jobs to pay rent and buy groceries for her family.  The fact is, if you want to be an American there’s a price for all to pay, and sometimes that price comes with a lot of sweat and tears, built with determination, that I am going to make it!  I know if I work hard enough, I can reach the American dream.  It takes more than  just a dream, it takes determination to make this country better and stronger than ever before.  So why, after working so hard to build for your dream would you let socialism or globalism attach to you like a blood sucking tick, sucking all the hope and blood out of you?  There’s a word for that, parasite that lives off of a host.  Who do you want to be the host for?  Personally, I choose who I want to host, who I am working to build a future for.  I think if every family that is financially capable that they should host a family overseas.  We do, and I find it very rewarding.  I host a family in Africa. I see their needs and meet their needs.  You don’t have to be a renown philanthropist to want to see changes in the world.  It takes one step of kindness.  I do believe in paying it forward and giving someone else a chance, but I also believe I have the right to choose who I want that person or persons to be without the government telling me they want more.  I’m tired of democrats bullying and pulling from Americans that worked hard for their dreams.


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