I Heard Hillary’s Waiting to Get Money from New Donors: The Martians Are Coming


Martians could be the new democratic partisans. Why not? She will take money from anybody or anyone.  Podesta’s getting ready for the UFO to land on area 51.  He’s tired of burying the war and everything under the sand.  It’s been a hard and rough campaign.  You can’t blame him for wanting to take a ride to never, never land. I mean really, no wonder the poor guy has no hair working for Hillary.  He probably pulled it all out with a silent moan and then bold shout. He’s tired of the Hillary long feline pout, without a doubt. Mars could be the new criminal hideout.

I heard the Martians have claimed dibs on the Milky Way, on pay to play.

What a day!

It’s another Hillary day!

Look in the sky, its a bird its a plane, its Podesta not in an airplane.

Up, Up, and away!









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