Wreck less Clinton Likes To Play the Victim, Us Against Them


There ‘s no way Hillary is a victim. She knew what she was doing when she decided to have a private email server.  she knew the consequences.  It’s not us against her. It’s us against corruption.  Corruption is like a cancer that metastasis it keeps spreading turning everything dark and toxic that gets in its way! She’s no damsel in distress!  She’s like a walking abscess that’s getting ready to explode that no one wants to be around her when it all comes out.  It’s going to be very ugly and sticky taking a lot of people down.  We have no idea what confidential material those emails contained.  We have no idea if some of our men and women lost their lives because of carelessness and wreck less behavior.  We don’t even know who was in charge of her phone when she went on a drinking rampage. Is this really who you want to be the next president of the United States.  Not me, no way!




Maybe he has her phone sending the secret Intel

The last thing America needs is a shipwrecked president!

I’m voting for Trump, I want someone that has the best interest of our country.

I don’t want a rusty wreck less cougar bunny!

This is Hillary, no rules, no boundaries!

Do you really want a president with no boundaries?




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