Voter Fraud Alerts: What To Look For, and What To Report

We are all anxious about the outcome of tomorrow’s election.   And we should all make sure that it’s done fairly.  When you’re out tomorrow there are things that are allowed and not allowed.  Make sure that you do not wear your candidate’s shirt with lettering or pictures that specify who you are voting for.  Look for suspicious groups that may drive up in vans or car loads and come out and go back in to vote again.  If you see anything suspicious take a picture outside of the facility.  Also when you vote make sure that you get a print out that shows the candidate that you voted for.  When you turn in your voting ballot, you should get a print out that shows when you voted and who you voted for. Make sure it shows the person or persons you voted for.  If it does not call your local police 911 and report voter fraud.  Make sure you get the incidence report.

If there’s any reasonable doubt about election fraud, you will have proof to verify and give to your candidate.  May God be with us all and keep us safe in Jesus’ name, Amen.


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