America Won The Election: She’s No Longer Constipated: The Painful Contractions Are Over

We were talking this morning about the shock and awe of Trump winning the presidential election and the first thing I said, America is no longer constipated.  America went through anguish of abdominal pains with the Obama administration.  We became entangled in a web of corruption that suppressed our bowels. America was becoming paralyzed with a regime that they couldn’t express themselves, afraid to speak up against wrong, too intimidated to stand up for what was right.  America was becoming paralyzed by labor pains and contractions fear of not knowing what they would face.  There was an uncertainty that filled the polluted air. When It was announced that Trump was the new president there was a shock, but it was a good shock like a fresh unexpected rain that you know is going to water the dry vegetation, that you know is going to fill the dry drained wells.  America now is free, she once again is on the road to recovery.  But this recovery is going to take everyone to work together to realize that we all come from the same Creator, that we all have one mission to “Make America Great Again” and lift her from her limp legs. She should stand proud, she won big, and she had a great defender of all God and Donald Trump!  You should be proud today that you’re an American!  You should be proud to stand up and fight for your liberty and our second amendment rights.  We came so close to losing it all through corrupt globalism that had one agenda to make America bow to our enemies and make her weak where she could never proudly stand on her feet.. America’s free!  She is no longer a dumping ground for fugitives and outlaws.  There’s a due process everyone has to go through to be an American, you have to do it the right way. I’m proud to be an American, I know it isn’t free!

Thank you President Donald J. Trump for being our voice!  Congratulations on your big win!

donald trump make america great


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