Thank You God for Having America’s Back! Thank you for Sending Us Donald Trump!



You saw Lord with your own eyes, how the wise became weak.

You saw our young men and women taken at their peak.

We cried out to you and you sent someone that would boldly speak.

We were taken advantage of by a sly crooked sneak.

We became intimidated afraid to speak.

And you sent us a man to save our freedom of speech.

He reached out to the masses before we were pushed into a civil war and hit with lethal gasses.

By an evil rich old man with one agenda to destroy us by the masses.

That couldn’t even see without his glasses.

But you Lord, sent us a brave man that was ready to take chances.

He took the whole establishment on with bold advances.

You sent us a man with a love and a passion.

We thank you Lord for first sending your Son, and then, sending us Donald Trump!

Thank you for saving America and stopping her from becoming a broken bowed wooden stump.




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