This Election Showed That True Love and Loyalty Can Conquer All

It was amazing to sit back and watch all the gold and glitter flaunt itself.  We heard Madonna promising oral sex to guys that voted for Hillary.  We saw Katy Perry show up at an election site raw nude to attract voters for Clinton.  We heard and saw Trump come against the old political stale establishments with money.  We heard President Obama and Michelle speak against him.  We heard all the hate from them all.  But the one thing we didn’t hear from Hillary, how she was going to solve current problems and crisis that America faces.  We even saw all the concerts for Hillary to attract voters.  Trump had no glitter on his side.  He had no concerts or establishment money.  He did it all by himself and his dedicated family that stood by his side.  And what America saw was a family’s loyalty triumphant over all the glitter and gold.  America saw a man with faith that could turn the situation around, and he did it all!  Americans came out by the masses and voted for Trump to build that wall and make those borders safe for all! And when the politically correct thought he would fall, he was a brilliant man who stood tall.  He will go down in history as another David that slew the giant.  And his reward, president of the United States, his new residence the White House.  Meet America’s new first family. Get a good look, this family just changed history and took out the most vile corruption in history, and did it all on their path to the White House.



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