President Elect Trump’s Already Getting The Royal Treatment with a Water Gun Salute




Today was the big day for the Trumps’ visit to Washington DC.  They started off with a full water gun salute. The day finally came when the four got together to go over foreign and domestic policies.  It was a big day for the President Elect Donald Trump and new First Lady Melania Trump .  President Elect Donald Trump met with President Obama, while First Lady Melania met with First Lady Michelle Obama, the transition appears to be going smooth.  The skies are sunny and the atmosphere filled with a new hope in America.

The black and white evangelicals came out on election day to express their faith and hope in America.  They refused to vote for Romney in 2012 and came out with a  swooping surprise to vote for President Elect Donald Trump on election day. They were the quiet majority that surprised the nation inspired by their strong historical beliefs that America could turnaround with the right direction. And seeing the heart transformation in President Elect Donald Trump!

Everyone should accept this new transition and see this as a new opportunity for Americans for more jobs and economic growth  regardless of nationality there’s hope for all.  President Elect Donald Trump proves that dreams can come true, reach high and not low. New First Lady Melania Trump was an immigrant herself from Slovenian, she shows to other immigrant women that it doesn’t depend on being born in America with a silver spoon. Again, she proves dreams can come true!

President Elect Donald Trump ended his visit with having Lunch with Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and his new Vice President Elect Mike Pence and their visions for America and keeping her safe from new and current crisis that America faces.

AP: Obama says he was ‘encouraged by conversation with Trump, calls Oval Office meeting excellent and wide ranging,’


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