When The News Media Played Shock and Awe: Americans Went Underground and Started The Grassroots Movement

The media decided long ago that Americans didn’t really need to know the truth. They just needed to believe what was reported during the presidential pre-election.  They thought of Americans as dumb and wouldn’t tread  on untreaded waters.  It left many of us to search deep and wide like a scuba diver diving into unchanneled waters.  We learned which ones were telling the truth and which ones were willing to take the chances for a country they loved!  They would dive deeper and deeper, coming up for air forgetting about their undone hair. There were new pioneers going out to discover and reporting the truths. There were women that left their chores undone with the promise of getting to them later and putting their families on hold, to find the truth.  There were Americans shaken to the core by the disruption and blanked lies that were being told.  Americans were basically lied to, told don’t bother going to the voting booth.  We all know how it’s going to end, you might as well stay home and not make a stand. It’s already been decided, the cold media’s words echoed in the hot air. More lies boiling in the stew, they told. The media we once knew sold. A new era was born, getting ready to unfold. Some call it the grassroots movement.  See, we learned how to search and identify the truths.  We learned how to discern lies and truth.  Sadly our American media bought into a lie forgetting that they’re not the ones who choose but in a democracy, we the people choose. America’s liberal media in a spell was left intoxicated in a cloudy hot tub with  Bill and Hillary Clinton where big heads swell. We all know the Washington Post, CNN, New York Times and Politico were all apart of the gross hot tub scene.



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