Russia’s Vladimir Putin Calls President-Elect Donald J. Trump to Congratulate Him

Russia’s muscle man, President Vladimir Putin calls President-Elect Donald J. Trump to congratulate him, as president of the United States.  President-Elect Donald J. Trump accepted his warm congratulations and they discussed how together, they could defeat ISIS.  They both agreed to work on relationships between the United States and Russia.  Russia’s relationship with the United States has been stressed and constrained  over the years through  the Obama’s administration.  Could President-Elect Donald J. Trump have the same kind of relationship with President Vladimir Putin as President Reagan had in his days with President Mikhail Gorbachev?  After all, together, they brought a great wall down. Can President-Elect Trump and President Putin together bring down ISIS? It would be a great accomplishment of them working together as a coalition team to defeat terrorism.



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