K.T. McFarland Tapped For Deputy National Security Advisor


We could all see this coming, if we listened to Fox News.  We knew President-elect Donald J. Trump would save a place for KT McFarland.  But I have to admit, I have been shocked by those that got selected Cabinet places whom weren’t loyalist. it makes me wonder does being loyal really have any benefits?  But regardless, I say be loyal to those whom you have faith in and those you love and trust.  I was always taught stay far away from those that you can’t trust, they’ll sooner or later stab you in the back.  There were many people who risked their lives and reputation getting on the Trump Train, and there were those whom never got credit for coming up with names.  But hey, we did it for our country.  If somehow those benefited from us through our skills, God used us for such a time as this.  And who knows, just maybe he isn’t finished with us yet!


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