Kris Kobach Makes Perfect Sense To Be Secretary of Homeland Security, But Will Trump Listen?


Kris Kobach is the Secretary of State for Kansas, sworn in on January 10, 2011. Kansas voters elected him by a wide margin on a platform focused on stopping voter fraud. With that goal in mind, Secretary Kobach began his term by introducing the Secure and Fair Elections (SAFE) Act in the Kansas House of Representatives. The Act was adopted by both houses of the legislature on March 29, 2011 by wide margins with bipartisan support. The governor signed the SAFE Act on April 18, 2011

Coulter: “So immigration has got to be the most important thing, which is why we need Kris Kobach, Secretary of State of Kansas, to be Secretary of the Homeland Security department,” she concluded.

Breitbart News interview with Coulter:

Looking ahead to the establishment of the Trump Administration, Marlow asked Coulter what she wanted to see from Cabinet appointments, to which she replied: “Kris Kobach, Kris Kobach, Kris Kobach. Have I mentioned Kris Kobach?”

Asked to elaborate on Kobach’s virtues, Coulter said, “First of all, like you and me, Alex, there’s a reason you don’t see him on TV. He’s totally brilliant, Harvard, Yale law, Oxford – and not as a cheesy Rhodes Scholar. He’s tall, good-looking, has a lovely family. He’s from Kansas, he would already be a governor or a senator – I mean, he’s a young guy, but he’d be a governor or a senator but for the fact that it’s Kansas, and they already have a Republican governor and two Republican senators.”

“But most importantly, he is the brains behind basically everything good that’s been done on immigration – and that’s nothing, for the last eight years, but basically during the Bush Administration. He wrote E-Verify,” she continued. “I write about it in In Trump We Trust, the hysterically denounced ‘papers, please’ laws – they called the Arizona law thing, that law enforcement officers, they arrest someone and have probable cause to believe he’s illegal, they can ask about his immigration status. That was written by Kris Kobach, and all you heard was nonsense about it – ‘Oh, it’s like Nazi Germany!’ And that part of the law [was] upheld by the Supreme Court. You can go and see him talking about it outside the Supreme Court, I think it was the day of the arguments. These are commonsense policies.”

She said the same tactics were being used to delegitimize sensible restrictions on refugees from Middle Eastern conflict zones: “Take the Muslim registry. I mean, I prefer, ‘Hey, I know! Don’t let them in in the first place!’ instead of what we’re doing now, letting them in. There are more than a thousand terrorist investigations in this country right now that our FBI – which you have to pay for, taxpayer! – in all 50 states of the union. Here’s an idea: don’t let in people whom we need to assign 16 FBI agents to watch for the rest of their lives.”

“But Kobach, during the Bush Administration, wrote something they all talk about, including Mr. Open Borders, Fox News’ golden boy, Marco Rubio. We can’t keep track of the people coming in; we need an entry/exit system. And so that’s what Kobach wrote up during the Bush Administration after 9/11. It’s an entry/exit visa system. You can go around screaming, ‘It’s like Nazi Germany! We’re registering Muslims!’ No, but there will be a little more close attention paid to the exit and entry visas of people coming in from terrorist-producing countries, which again I say would be solved much more efficiently by just not letting them in,” Coulter said.

She explained Trump needs people like Kobach around him to fulfill his campaign promises.



Many of us are now wondering if President-elect Donald J. Trump will make good on his campaign promises: build the wall, control illegal immigrants, health care reform, protect 2nd amendment rights, drain the swamp, prosecute Hillary for multiple crimes, stay loyal to those who stayed loyal to him?  Many thought he was a professional businessman that was good on his word. His word was like gold. But only time will tell as everything unfolds, if he’s a  man of honor who stands by his words.  Some of us have been shocked by his Cabinet picks, and some of us have held our tongues when wanting to shout, are you crazy! These people had nothing good to say about you during the campaign, when things got heated up they ran to save their own political futures.

We can all sit back and hope that Attorney General Jeff Sessions prosecutes Hillary Clinton of all illegal activity while serving as secretary of state, and using her influences for personal gain.  That’s kind of like an IRS agent foreclosing on a home and sending a family member to purchase it, where there’s no traces.



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