Dr. Ben Carson Tapped to be Housing and Urban Development Secretary: From the Projects to the Fixer


dr. ben carson 5-4

I’m not sure how anyone can say that Dr. Ben Carson lacks experience at anything.  He has to be one of the smartest, intelligent people in the world. He’s a retired neurosurgeon, brain surgeon. And the democrats are trying to say he lacks experience for the position of housing and urban development secretary on the Trump team.  Come on, guys! He was born in the projects and knows from living there what it will take for things to work.  He’s a natural fixer. I’m sure if he can fix a brain, he has all the solutions to make life worth living in the ghetto.  Lets give him a chance to see what the doctor can really do! After all, what do you have to lose?  I think this is a very exciting time in history to see the possibilities to an end of hope in the ghetto! Go, Dr. Carson. Go! We know you can help make America great!


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