It’s Official Trump Gets Electoral College Votes: He’s The 45th President!


Okay, it’s official Trump is our new president! He made it! Did you really ever have any doubts?  We can all exhale now and breathe, and celebrate Christmas by hanging a new red, white and blue Christmas wreath.  God bless America and every man and woman that voted for him! Now what do the democrats have up their sleeves? Oh, please! Let our new elect president take the position without any insane grieving permission slips. and let all apocalypse preppers who are modern day shepherds dismiss the apolcalyptic letters that left a cryptic note that left many pondering, who will get out and vote? For those who led the many can now take a proud bow, and do it with much sincerity, knowing how close stale death came to the nose. But instead America rose that brought a feeling back to stiff numb toes and slowed all foes!





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