Did you forget? Surprise, It’s Christmas!

There are so many of us with heartfelt intentions to celebrate the big day! But sometimes we don’t have the perfect story book Christmas!  We may find ourselves at the hospital’s emergency room with a sick child with a high fever that no matter what, won’t seem to break. Or we may find our husband or wife suddenly struck I’ll, their body starts to fail.  This is when we start to feel frail. It’s that song that hits after you admit your loved one to the hospital, you hear it on the way home. Old Anzine. This is it, you break, you don’t even know how you made it home from the flood of tears. Your eyes working as windshield wipers. This is when we realize that the most precious gift could be for all of us to be healthy at home together. This is when you realize the Christmas dinner isn’t going to be perfect this year, and you might of actually skipped Christmas without realizing it through all the chaos. This is when you have to take a deep breath and reorganize. So what, if some of the gifts won’t be opened on Christmas morning. So what, if you’re still eating the leftovers from Christmas Eve. Take a bow, you survived. you realize the most important gift in the world is that heartbeat you hear next to you. You stay awake when they come home just listening to that once annoying sound of snoring, now sounds like raindrops falling. This is when you realize you’ll never complain again about picking up their messes. You’ll never hear another annoying sound. You’ve been given the greates gift of all, the gift of life!  


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