Count Down: Twenty Days Until Inauguration Day

It’s twenty days until Inauguration Day of our new President when he finally takes all power.  When out of the blue, singing the blues sat President Obama. He said with a wispy cough, this would be a good day to play golf.

He tossed and turned in his sleep not being able to stand on  his two feet, it was a bad night he couldn’t find his lost sheet. He felt sudden defeat.  He weakly stood up from his bed and said, I have a new idea that will stop Trump from reaching power, I will turn out all the electrical power, and the people are too stupid to know that it was me, they will think it was an electrical solar shower.  I will prove to Soros, once and for all that I’m the one with all the brainpower.  Everyone will think the Russians did it! It will explain the big hit! And I will go into my well-known Obama fit! But the big man with all the clues, knew what was up Obama’s sleeve.  The soon to be president sent out messages to his patriotic elite.  Come, now, Pence! Who has the gift of commonsense.  Come now, Bannon! It’s time to light the patriotic cannon. Come now,  Flynn! It’s time to disrobe the wolf in sheep’s skin. Come, now General Mattis! Who has the clearance,  of high military status with the perseverance of a wise wolf caught in the snow.  Come, now Kelly! Who has a nose for the dirty and smelly! They were all now preparing for the great show. This was it, the big show must go on!  They all got on their cell phones crossing all barriers and time zones, bypassing all mindless skulls and dry bones. They all agreed the big show must go on! It was just twenty days more until Inauguration Day!



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