Count Down: 17 Days Until Inauguration Day

This Christmas was the best Christmas with a gift from Assange who was the patriotic Santa Claus. He revealed all the truth without a pause. He showed Americans what it takes to turn things around when there’s a real cause. Assange showed his patriotic duty.  He unveiled the snooty, he did it with such beauty. All patriotic Americans should remember the man bathed in flaming fonts of duty. He fought for Americans, he did it with valiant duty as a secret weapon that’s concealed. He did it with liberty as his shield. America should remember on Inauguration Day it was Assange that paved the way the day he revealed the bitter sour grapes that stung his lips.  It was a patriotic eclipse with each released tip through his WikiLeaks. It brought color back to pale hollow cheeks in just a matter of weeks. Trump reached his peaks with each patriotic speech. America caught in a breech birth as liberals screech. Patriots were yelling impeach!  Was there no boundaries that the liberals red lined. What were the contracts being signed? Who could have such a frame of mind or state of mind? America needed peace of mind.  You could say the timing was right!



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