Count Down: 9 Days Until Inauguration Day and McCain Goes Insane

It was nine days until Inauguration day and Senator John McCain gets a dossier on Trump that he can’t prove that’s true.  John McCain still singing the loser’s blues.

He may of drank too much brew.

We could hear the republicans boo!

Why would McCain release a story to Buzzfeed if it wasn’t to get even?

It sounds like a nasty document for someone to get even.

Come on, John McCain, this is insane!

It sounds like a story from someone with a drained campaign that had too much champagne.

That reads like an ancient story from Pent House Magazine with the libido of someone eighteen.

Can someone please get through the smokescreen!

Someone from BuzzFeed came up with this story who has no spleen.

Very unclean!

John McCain












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