Count Down: 9 Days Until Inauguration Day

It was nine days until Inauguration Day when President Elect Trump gave his first press conference.

He was about to score more confidence. He stood there bold not about to accept any more intolerance.

But the BuzzFeed rhinoceros had pushed his buttons with bold stewed lies of intolerance.  The stories they were printing were preposterous his ties with Russia spreading like an uncontained enterovirus.

Hitting every nerve, but President Elect Trump stood there throwing them a hard curve.

He proved that he was a true Country’s man ready to serve.

By releasing all of his companies equities to his sons, who we all know much deserve. And all his profits from his hotels, where foreign dignitaries stayed be donated to the federal reserve.

He proved to America for once and for all, that he was there to serve with his heart’s desire.  And if his sons in any way let him down they would be fired.














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