Count Down: 7 Days Until Inauguration Day

It was seven days until Inauguration Day. And liberal Hollywood said let’s go on a strike until Trump resigns.

They were ready to put out and post all their opposing lost signs.

Meanwhile, President-elect Trump’s cabinet was getting stronger by designed Devine Power.

The liberals were getting ready to be soaked by a republican long-awaited wet rain shower.

All the meetings of the minds, Tahlequah were going on in the President-elect’s Trump Tower.

There was now too much willpower that succeeded manpower.

Oklahoma’s own Toby Keith was now committed to the great show.

It was going to be one heck of a show.

Even Oklahoma’s Governor Mary Fallin would be attending the great show.

Toby’s patriotic instinct was telling him to be ready and pack some gunpowder.

After all, when you get Oklahomans involved you see real firepower.

It was now estimated that America’s own military over 5,000 would be there with their fingers on the trigger.

That was making the Inauguration even bigger!

It was seven days until the great show!

and it was beginning to snow.





















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