On January 20th The Lights In America Are Coming Back On

America has been sitting in the dark for the last eight years.  We saw the backbone of America break as companies were closing their doors.  We saw the proud and brokenhearted fall to the floors. We saw jobs lost and the American family give up as American companies surrendered to foreign leaders by America’s crooked cheering ringleaders.  Americans gave up on the American Dream!  Instead of being able to pursue their dreams, they were forced to work double low-income jobs to pay their mortgages and put their kids through school.  American children even began to question their hopes and dreams. They too perceived broken-dreams.  It wasn’t until President-elect Donald J. Trump spoke up and said, he would make the American Dream come true and reachable again.  Oh, how we could perceive that light of hope.  It was a dim light of hope.  But still, President-elect Trump brought hope to the Americans that had to put their dreams to the side in order to survive.  He made us feel alive.  We knew with him America could once again thrive!  America’s lights will come back on Friday and we can push aside all the decay and celebrate on Inauguration Day!  The day, the lights came back on in America!




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