Donald Trump’s Presidential Inauguration Biggest Ever


It was a beautiful presidential inauguration.  We saw the new presidential Trump family dressed and looking like royalty.  First Lady Melania dressed in powder blue, by designer Ralph Lauren she looked eloquent, breathtaking. I heard some say she looked like Jackie-O.  But I thought she carried her own eloquence well, she will leave a beautiful trail in Washington D.C. We saw it begin to rain when President-elect Trump spoke.  It was a sign from God. Reverend Graham said rain is a blessing from God. We heard President Trump’s acceptance speech, he was faithful and loyal to God and Country. It brought tears of joy to my eyes. I could see my husband cry.  He looked at me and said I can now say, God! It was an emotional moment.  We both cried. It was a peaceful transition. The First Lady rode with the new First Lady.  It was a sight to behold so we were told.    There was a moment where it looked like former first lady Michele Obama was questioning almost chastising former President Barack Obama why he went over there to shake hands with the Trump family. You could tell Michelle Obama didn’t approve of his move. And look at the look she shares with Hillary if looks could kill, Hillary would be dead.



For many of us, it was an emotional moment that we didn’t think that we would ever live to see.  We lived to see America’s military depleted. We saw jobs go overseas. We thought the American dream, was just a dream!  Today, America got a glance at the new America to come.  We would no longer be the last ones to enter the games. We can now hold our heads proud and we can say it loud. I’m proud to be an American with dreams I can foresee. I know now with our new president, I can proudly say, I get on my knees to pray each and every day. Praying that America would once again be free!  It was estimated that there were close to 1.5 million people attending, if not more! Fox News reports 31 million viewers watched the inauguration of President Donald J. Trump that doesn’t include the internet or social media.  The inauguration committee raised 100 million for the inauguration compared to Obama’s team who raised 53 million for his inauguration.  It was a big day for America, it was a dream come true for many who waited eagerly with anticipation! The wait was over!  Donald J. Trump became our 45th president of the united states.




We even got to see the Obamas leave as we gasped wondering if he would pull something else out of his sleeve. The parents of their lost military sons’ and daughters’ would no longer grieve. America could now breathe.


It was over for President Obama and a fresh new beginning for President Donald J. Trump! One was ushered out and the other ushered in. The looks on the faces said it all!  The Trump Team was just getting started their enthusiasm wholehearted. No one was sad to see the departed.

kellyanne conway.jpeg

Kellyanne Conway’s revolutionary outfit said it all-embracing America once and for all.  She was short but standing tall. After all, she was the one that scientifically polled the Trump numbers. She was dressed in proud America’s known patriotic colors.


Yes, America, we did it! We have a new president.  You can now be proud again as our new president makes America great again!

Oh, let it rain!

We will never again be overtaken by a liberal brain freeze!

But we will be renewed, refreshed by God’s heavenly breeze!


Obama’s last fly over Washington D.C. There’s got to be so many thoughts going through his mind: How will I be remembered? How will history rate me as a president? Will I leave a legacy? There’s a new man in town, President Donald J. Trump. This is his home now! At least now I can play golf…And who knows maybe I’ll improve my swing!




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