There’s a New President In America and America Is In Shock and Awe

The new dawn of a new president in Washington D.C. is seeing many changes from the high Sky scrapers to the everyday man and woman at home.  When President Trump tweets the world listens.  He brings a new charisma of wisdom that’s long overdue, he seems to know how to react in any problem situation in America, and the world is watching as Dow climbs to a new 20k mark.  The new president’s power climbs to a new position as he repositions America.  He’s not a president that’s going to put up with violence, he let Chicago know, you handle it or I will send in the FEDs to handle it.  As he moves forward keeping his campaign promises.  America’s in shock and awe that we finally have a president that’s for the people and not for the interest of big government only to be the only ones that see the big money. The unions are cheering him, the working class people are cheering him.   It’s a new dawn in America with each day bringing fresh new changes, the kind of change that’s needed in a broken and divided America.  The question remains will he bring the divided aboard the Trump Train too?  Will they see the advantages of new jobs and opportunities that in America dreams can come true, not just in Hollywood and Washington D.C.?



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