What Makes America Great Is having a President In Charge That Doesn’t Backdown or Bow down

President Donald J. Trump isn’t going to back down on his promises.  He’s only five days in and he’s ready to make America a great success.  President Trump says he’s ready to be the next great Abe Lincoln.  He says he’s ready to build the wall.  We may have to wait some time for the money to come back into America from Mexico, it won’t be immediately but gradually we will see a reimbursement back from Mexico.  President Trump says he wants to investigate voter fraud where many illegal votes and people deceased voted in the past presidential election.  Dead and illegal people were registered to vote.  President Trump wants to make voting an honest process chosen by the people.  There shouldn’t be illegals voting or dead people voting.  President Trump said he will not allow the mainstream media to downplay the thousands of people that showed up for his presidential inauguration it was the biggest in history. The people that showed up to his presidential inauguration represented a cry out movement in American history that were fed up with the past Obama administration and where he led America down dark winding unpaved roads.  President Trump also commented about the thousands of people that have died in Chicago.  He says he will help them in any way they need help!  He doesn’t accept the death rate in Chicago as him being the current president. It has to end. People in an American state should not be dying. There’s too much carnage in Chicago. President Trump also said he’s tired of seeing Christians in the Middle East getting their heads cut off.  He wants it to end.  He will do what he has to and use the advice of his new Secretary of Defense General Mattis to end it. President Trump said he’s going to ban countries from entering America that can create harm to Americans those that are on the most dangerous list.  The world’s a mess!  We have to be careful who we let into our country.  We entered a war that we should’ve never entered and there are hard feelings that put us all in danger.  President Trump says he wants to repeal and replace Obamacare making sure everyone has affordable healthcare.  They are currently working on a suitable replacement. President Trump says he wants to cover everyone even those that can’t afford insurance. Obamacare is a disaster it doesn’t cover everything, its’s a disaster waiting to explode. President Trump says they will have a  better healthcare plan that will be less money and better coverage. President Trump is ready to be the peoples’ president a movement that history has never seen before.  He’s now made a few changes to the White House to add the Trump touch. He’s added the classy golden drapes and a few touches here and there. The oval office now has a few of his favorite presidents added on the walls. President Trump says the letter Obama left him was very nice and he put a lot of thought into it.


This was my synopsis of President Donald J. Trump’s interview with ABC News with David Muir

President Trump had a lot of highlights his first week in office.

  • DOW 20k
  • President Trump signs executive orders for Keystone Pipeline XL, Dakota Access to start producing oil in America and become energy independent and create 28,000 jobs in America.
  • American Steel to use American made products first and foremost in oil production.
  • President Trump meets with Teamster Unions about creating jobs in America.
  • President Trump signs executive order to begin construction on Border Wall
  • President Trump ends (TPP ) Trans Pacific Partnership and negotiating deals.
  • President Trump signs executive order defunding International Planned Parenthood
  • Deportation and Sanctuary Cities to deport those that are a threat to America, that have a criminal record or have committed crimes, that abused the welfare system.
  • Review Manufacturing Regulations to make it easier for manufacturers to start manufacturing.
  • Federal Hiring Freeze
  • Regulation Freeze
  • Speeding up environmental reviews for all priority infrastructure.
  • ACA Rollback

#My President

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