Don’t Waste Your Money On Hollywood

Really, there’s no sense in wasting your money on Hollywood.

Hollywood sold out American viewers to China.

It’s estimated that China will now be their big viewing audience.

It stands to reason that they would start showing treason.

They sold out for a communist season.

So stop buying your movie tickets for a season, you now have a very good reason.

I promise to support those that didn’t commit treason.

You know the actors, that didn’t play in I am Legion.

Those that didn’t travel to Indonesia.

Placing their foreign god’s on a shelf.

You know, the kind that shatters, and soon there’s no place for them on a shelf.

It’s time to relief oneself.

And, yes, You Star Wars fans.

It’s time we put up our republican hands and say, we ban!

I know it hurts, but they flirt foolishly with the enemy and would sell your soul instantly in Cannes for a hot selling movie.


But they’re cooky and crooks!


It’s time to make Christian movies and actors a priority!

Remember, God’s not Dead!

chineese owned businesses in America









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