What’s Happening In America?

What’s happening in America?

Obama gave 21 million to the Palestinians hours before leaving office.

I knew we should have been more cautious.

He always made me feel sick and nauseous.

He did everything while in office to weaken America and the infrastructure.

He left our military with a 30% fracture.

Now President Donald J. Trump is estimating all of our loses.

As liberal Hollywood sits in the gray shadow of darkness, they have no eyes to see or ears to hear as America takes a sudden restructure.

The crowd in Hollywood is too mentally elevated walking around with a high nose just taking an induced dose.

Crying out for walls to become sand, where everything sinks in a devastating pool of quicksand.

What’s happening in America?

We’re all divided by liberal Hollywood.

I think it’s time to say no to Hollywood because she has turned into a brass harlot of driftwood.

She doesn’t know where she’s going.

She has no sail to sail.

It’s her hour to fail.

She lets everyone under her loose tail.

Now she can become a slave to China and work for a thoughtless promise.













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