Who Is Angela Merkel?

Probably one of the most dangerous people in the world is Chancellor Angela  Merkel.

She’s got in with the biggest globalist circle.

It’s like an F5 five tornado.

If history were to repeat itself it would be with  Angela Merkel.

What do we know of her?

Berlin already blames her for sending terrorist in.

Take a look at that dropped chin, she’s a determined woman who wants to win.

She’s not walking away from America with a grin.

If she were a dog, she would be a mad dog on a bone.

You know she stays in close contact with sleazy Obama who gave the Palestinians 21 million on the phone.

You remember him, he wants to redistribute the wealth taking it away from the middle class and keeping them in ill-health.  This is the globalist agenda. They don’t want you to be able to afford a nice hacienda.  They want to be able to manage your life and tell you what you can eat so you can work hard on your feet with low salary wages as they accumulate your wealth. And you become a slave to the government without any retirement.

By: Republican Poet

Angela Merkel



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