The Truth, Obama Created the Refugees

I don’t know how many times the Kurds asked for weapons to fight against ISIS.

They could see the upcoming crisis.

But ISIS was given a free license to kill it became their sick thrill.

We sadly sat back and saw the genocide of Kurds and Christians across the bloody sands of the middle east as Obama stood still.

And again, the Kurds cried out for weapons so they and the Christians could keep their homes in Syria.

We saw ISIS grow like a lethal bacteria.

And Obama stood still.

He never gave the order to kill.

And now, we have a flood of refugees that have no home, and nowhere to go as ISIS says they will infiltrate the refugees and disguise themselves so they can kill.


By: Republican Poet




And yet, ISIS drove around in their new Toyota’s and American made weapons.

Letting their dark presence known.

As scared confused Syrians fled from their homes,

Obama still showed no backbone.

As they disassembled precious historical stones and sawing both live and dead bones.

Obama stood, stone cold.

And now some Americans are too blind walking around with a tight dark blindfold.

They can’t see the truth until they see disaster’s pages unfold…

When the real truth is the Syrians want a safe zone so they can go back home back to a protected safe home!

When we get rid of ISIS they can return back home.























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