It Becomes a Face Off Between the Republicans and Democrats

The democrats are trying to block every move that President Donald J. Trump makes to get his Cabinet in order.

There seems to be so much democratic disorder.

They don’t want blocked borders.

They refuse to accept Senator Jeff Sessions as the new attorney general even though we had to put up with the race-baiting real fast and furious gun runner, Eric Holder.

Every day the democrats get bolder.

You would think that they are in control of the hen pecking order.

Now they’re even saying Supreme Court Justice nominee Neil Gorsuch is unqualified.

When in reality he’s the most qualified.

Now the republicans are threatening to go nuclear.

Will this finally make the democrats see that boycotting doesn’t mean they’re  in charge of the order?

That President Trump has the standing order.

He’s the president let him get his Cabinet in order.

The president has the top ranking order!

By: Republican Poet










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