It Might Be Too Late!


The hand grenade is hand thrown it’s as small as a tennis ball but with the shrapnel that can travel about 15 meters, it will bring any man down.

Matter of fact, it’s known to bring three or four men down…

At the same time, it’s a deadly weapon and one of the most feared weapons around because of the lethal shrapnel that blows all around.

It dates back to the 1590s known as the seeded pomegranate with a protective metal shell that’s designed to disperse lethal fragments.   It’s not as dangerous as a pressure-cooker bomb as we saw in Boston.  But it’s still deadly and there isn’t much time to get ready!

We never thought in America we would see such things.  We witnessed 9-11 and Boston, we can’t let this happen again.  We must stay ready and alert at all times.



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