The Highlights of President Trump’s Fourth Week In Office

President Donald Trump has a busy week planned ahead he starts the week with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau from Canada, to begin with where they will discuss trade and jobs and immigration making it fair for both parties. If you remember when Trump won the presidency Prime Minister Justin  Trudeau said, he should have read the ‘Art of the Deal’. What do you bet, I bet he’s read it now! He will now see and witness the business side of President Donald Trump and why he has been so successful in the gift of wisdom.

Prime Minister Trudeau: Said he has a special bond with America. He said Canada and the United States will always remain partners. He said many jobs depend on their partnership with the United States. Many of the jobs they have in Canada depends on America’s partnership.  They both share the same goal for their countries in the workforces and that women have the same opportunities as men in the workforce. That security and immigration need to work together. We need to keep our citizens safe on both sides of the border. We both have similar goals to create free, open societies to keep our citizens safe. Prime Minister Trudeau said that America and Canada have always been very strong allies we have fought many wars together, we haven’t always seen eye to eye, we have disagreements but we have always been able to work together.  He said concerning NAFTA there are millions of good jobs in America that bring good jobs to Canada this free flow of goods and services is good for both of our countries. He said that he knows his economy depends on America.

February 14, Prime Minister Netanyahu visits the White House tomorrow, I bet he doesn’t have to enter and exit through the backdoor anymore! He wasn’t welcomed by the previous administration to enter or exit through the front door, no more! The White House is preparing for Israel’s prime minister’s visit.

  • Pentagon: Russian spy ship spotted off the coast of Delaware.
  • President Trump signs repeal of Dodd-Frank Provision
  • President Trump signs order reversing Obama’s order on coal miners’ restrictions putting 1000s of coal miners back to work.


February 15, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel visits the White House with his wife Sara and First Lady Melania Trump along with the President are there to greet them upon their arrival to America and to the White House.  It was a very warm welcome for a change for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.  The two most powerful world leaders are preparing for their first news conference. You can tell by the smile on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s face that he feels welcomed!

President Trump says we will never forget what the Jewish people have endured.  The security challenges that Israel faces are enormous.

The United States stands with Israel in the fight against terrorism.

Prime Minister Netanyahu Israel has no better ally than the United States. I deeply value President Trump’s friendship.  Our alliance is based on a deep bond of common values. Under President Trump, the rising tide of radical Islamic terrorism can be reversed.

President Trump says he would like to see Israel slow down on settlements until they can reach and agreement.

Prime Minister Netanyahu says ‘It’s The Art of the Deal’ referring to President Trump’s  popular book.

Prime Minister Netanyahu says the Palestinians have to agree to stop saying the destruction of Israel.  They teach it in their schools they teach it to their children.  Palestinians must recognize the Jewish state. The Palestinians continue to call for the destruction of Israel. Prime Minister says Israel needs the land west of the Jordan if not there will be terrorist moving in there.  We must have it to keep our people safe.

President Trump: There has to be a peace agreement. Israel is going to have to show some flexibility if a deal is made.

Prime Minister Netanyahu Addresses Iran nuclear deal and saying they, have to have  sanctions against them for their violations.  President Trump has challenged Iran on nuclear deal violations.  It’s a nice change to see!  Don’t believe that settlements are the real issue. There is no better friend to Israel than President Donald Trump!

President Donald Trump: You’re going to see a lot of love between us and Israel.

February 16, President Trump: Nominee For Secretary of Labor will be Alex Acosta

President Trump approval rating at 55% today and climbing.

President Trump said he inherited a mess domestically and internationally. I inherited a real mess.

President Trump: ISIS is spreading like cancer another bad thing he inherited, and he’s placed sanctions on Iran for their erratic testing. He’s having problems getting his Cabinet together because the democrats have screwed everything up. They won’t or delay approving his qualified Cabinet people.

President Trump: Administration is running like a fine-tuned machine.

President Trump: Have withdrawn from job-killing, disaster known as TPP.

President Trump: We have ordered that the drug cartel crossing the borders be destroyed we are becoming a drug country where drugs are cheaper than candy bars, no more.

President Trump: We are going to have a border wall that actually works.

President Trump: Administration is working night and day to keep Americans safe.

President Trump: We have started the Keystone Pipeline and we are going to use American steel.

President Trump: I have started a five-year lobbying career process foreign and domestic.

President Trump: New Executive Actions Next Week to Protect Americans.

President Trump: Preparing to repeal and replace Obamacare.

President Trump: Our Cabinet will be one of the greatest in history.

President Trump: We are bringing many jobs back to America, Intel will bring 10,000 jobs, Walmart 10,000 jobs and there are many more.

President Trump: I have kept my promise to the American people, I have nominated a great judge that will be a defender of the law and Constitution, Neil Gorsuch.

President Trump: Mike Flynn is a great person I asked for his resignation and he gave it.  He was just doing his job, he called 30 countries or more about our new administration and working with them. He didn’t do anything wrong, he just couldn’t remember what he said, and that wasn’t good enough for me.  Fake news got a hold of it and made something out of nothing. I don’t think he did anything wrong he didn’t give Vice President Mike Pence the proper information.

President Trump: Own nothing in Russia, don’t have any deals in Russia and have no debt with Russia. It’s all fake news.

President Trump: Media writes stories about me but never call asking for comment.

President Trump: We have Pompeo and Coats, we’re waiting for them to get into position to be approved so they can do their jobs, once they get into position these leaks should stop. Right now we are working with two administrations until we get all of our people in place. These leaks are criminal activity there will be a penalty.

President Trump: Have called DOJ to Look Into Leaks.The leaks are real but the news is fake.

President Trump: I can handle a bad story as long as it is true but these stories are all fake news.

President Trump: Did not direct Flynn to discuss sanctions with Russia.

President Trump: Fox News is fair to me but the other news is hatred. The tone from the media is hatred.  The people don’t believe the press anymore. Amazed by the hatred, venomous tone coming from some TV networks.

President Trump: It is important for the public to have an honest press.

President Trump: We had Hillary Clinton did a reset with Russia and gave them 20% of our uranium. No one bothers to talk about that. I’ve done nothing with Russia. I think it would be great to get along with Russia. I don’t think that’s a bad thing.

President Trump: It would be great if we could get along with Russia.

If we could get along g with Russia it would be a positive thing not a negative thing as well as with other countries like China.

President Trump: I think that Putin believes now that we can’t make a deal because of all the fake news. It’s politically incorrect.  We are a powerful nuclear country and so is Russia. We need a good relationship with them.

President Trump: Don’t think Putin is testing me with recent provocations of spy ship on the coast of Delaware.  I’m not going to tell the press what I’m going to do about it. I’m not going to announce where I’m going to be with a date.

President Trump: I’m not going to talk to the press about military interventions.

President Trump: Travel ban we had a very smooth run for the travel ban but we had a bad decision.

President Trump: Rollout of the travel ban was very smooth.

President Trump: I am the least anti-semitic person you have ever seen.

President Trump: We will have a new executive order on immigration next week.

President Trump: We have made incredible progress over the past four weeks.

President Trump: Is going to be a fabulous First Lady. Melania has started the White House tours. She will also have Ivanka assisting her, they’re both fabulous ladies.

President Trump: We are going to be working very hard on crime and education in inner cities.

President Trump: It is important that we unify the country. This country was divided for eight years. We lived in a divided nation. I am going to do everything in my power to stop it.

Saturday, February 18, President Trump ends the week in Melbourne, Florida with a rally.





President Trump shows his charm and personality getting along with world leaders.



President Trump: North Korea is a big problem we will work on that.

President Trump ended last week with a visit from one of America’s strongest allies Japan’s Prime Minister ABE, where they agreed on making America Great Again! President Trump stays firm on trade, jobs, and immigration with his new friends.


Cabinet Update:

February 17, Administrator of Environmental Protection Agency Scott Pruitt confirmed.

February 16, President Trump: Nominee For Secretary of Labor will be Alex Acosta

Department of Labor: Andrew Puzder drops out February 15th.

National Security Adviser Michael Flynn resigns over conversations with Russian ambassador about removing sanctions if Trump elected. Vice President Pence spoke to him about the allegations and Flynn denied it. Retired General Keith Kellogg named Acting National Security Adviser.  

Spicer calls Flynn’s resignation a trust issue.

President Donald Trump’s has 11 Cabinet Members So Far Confirmed Waiting on 8 more.

Department of Treasury: Steve Mnuchin awaiting confirmation February 13th.

Department of Veterans Affairs: Dr. David Shulkin confirmed February 13th.

Department of Health and Human Services: Representative Tom Price now confirmed.

In a party-line vote early Friday morning, the Senate confirmed Representative Tom Price of Georgia to lead the Department of Health and Human Services. Tom Price authored proposals to eliminate and replace Obamacare.

As HHS secretary, Price will now have the power to repeal and replace Obamacare. We can now look forward to affordable health care with premium coverage.

Secretary of State: Rex Tillerson status of nomination: Confirmed on a vote of 56 to 43 on February 1.

Department of Defense: General James Mattis confirmed on a vote 98 to 1 on January 20th.

Department of Justice: Senator Jeff Sessions confirmed on a vote 52 to 47 on February 8th.

Department of Homeland Security: Retired General John Kelly confirmed on a vote 88 to 11 on January 20th.

Department of Transportation: Elaine Chao Confirmed on a vote of 93 to 6 on January 31st.

Department of Education: Betsy Devos Confirmed on a 51-50 vote on February 7, with Vice President Mike Pence breaking the tie.

Ambassador to the United Nations: Governor Nikki Haley of South Carolina confirmed on a vote 96 to 4.

Director of C.I.A. Representative Mike Pompeo of Kansas confirmed on a vote 66 to 32 on January 23rd.

  • Department of Housing and Urban Development: Dr. Ben Carson. Awaiting floor vote.
  • Department of Energy: Former Texas Governor Rick Perry. Awaiting floor vote.
  • Department of Labor:
  • Department of the Interior: Representative Ryan Zinke. Awaiting floor vote.
  • Department of Commerce: Wilbur Ross. Awaiting floor vote.
  • Department of Agriculture: Sonny Perdue. Awaiting a hearing.
  • Director, Office of Management and Budget: Representative Mick Mulvaney of South Carolina. Awaiting floor vote.



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