Army depicted Hillary Clinton as insider threat in cyber security training





The U.S. Army depicted former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as an insider threat in a Powerpoint presentation to soldiers on cyber security.

A photograph of Mrs. Clinton, who lost the Nov. 8 presidential race, is depicted along with two murderers, two leakers of classified information and one who mishandled secrets.

Mrs. Clinton, as secretary of State, exclusively used a home-based server to handle all her government emails, instead of a more secure address. Some contained highly classified information and the FBI said the server was vulnerable to foreign intrusion. She was not charged.

The others depicted: Food Hood assassin Maj. Nidal Hassan, Navy Yard shooter Aaron Alexis, major leakers Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden, and retired Army Gen. David Petraeus. He provided classified logs to his biographer and girlfriend.

The Army Powerpoint slide was obtained by the Judicial Watch, a conservative non-profit, through the Freedom of Information Act.

The insider threat lecture was delivered to soldiers at Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri.


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