Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Gets Warm Welcome From The White House

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel visits the White House with his wife and First Lady Melania Trump along with the President are there to greet them upon their arrival to America and to the White House.  It was a very warm welcome for a change for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.  The two most powerful world leaders are preparing for their first news conference. You can tell by the smile on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s face that he feels welcomed!

President Trump says we will never forget what the Jewish people have endured.  The security challenges that Israel faces are enormous.

The United States stands with Israel in the fight against terrorism.

Prime Minister Netanyahu Israel has no better ally than the United States. I deeply value President Trump’s friendship.  Our alliance is based on a deep bond of common values. Under President Trump, the rising tide of radical Islamic terrorism can be reversed.

President Trump says he would like to see Israel slow down on settlements until they can reach and agreement.

Prime Minister Netanyahu says ‘It’s The Art of the Deal’ referring to President Trump’s  popular book.

Prime Minister Netanyahu says the Palestinians have to agree to stop saying the destruction of Israel.  They teach it in their schools they teach it to their children.  Palestinians must recognize the Jewish state. The Palestinians continue to call for the destruction of Israel. Prime Minister says Israel needs the land west of the Jordan if not there will be terrorist moving in there.  We must have it to keep our people safe.

President Trump: There has to be a peace agreement. Israel is going to have to show some flexibility if a deal is made.

Prime Minister Netanyahu Addresses Iran nuclear deal and saying they have to have sanctions against them for their violations.  President Trump has challenged Iran on nuclear deal violations.  It’s a nice change to see!  Don’t believe that settlements are the real issue. There is no better friend to Israel than President Donald Trump!

President Donald Trump: You’re going to see a lot of love between us and Israel.






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