Who’s Involved In The Political Assassination of The Trump Presidency?

President Trump’s blaming White House leaks on the intelligence agency and media.  There are those that are trying to bring the Trump Dynasty down.  There’s also speculations that the former Obama Administration is involved. Right now the country is divided with a 48% approval rating to 47 disapproval.  It’s hard to understand when he’s doing everything he can to keep his campaign promises. He’s only in his fourth week in office and his oppositions aren’t letting down. He hasn’t even completed his Cabinet with all the democratic opposition and boycotts.  The democrats have been sore losers, and have tried to bully their way for the most part. They may have finally met their match a person they can’t bully to get their way!  President Trump has a lot of obstacles in the way of his presidency but he seems unstoppable.  But this is why he won the vote people knew it was going to take a strong leader with thick skin and faith that wouldn’t bow down. Meanwhile, the world leaders that have visited the White House have been very impressed with President Trump and the way he does business.  I think the rest of America should give him a chance.  Who knows he might be the best president in history.




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