Jay Sekulow Provides Evidence Obama Setup Coup Against Trump


Jay Sekulow has proof that Obama set up a coup of false news to be unleashed 17 days before Trump’s inauguration and before he left office.  This proves again that Obama isn’t totally out of the picture.  He has also moved into a house 2 blocks away from the White House, proving he’s going to do everything he can to bring this administration down. The Democratic Party is no longer the Democratic Party, it’s the Progressive Party that wants to turn America into a third world country. Obama’s mission is to bring President Trump down so he can turn us into a third world country of poverty.  It’s very important before we believe the news that we verify that it’s true.  Fake news can be a threat to our national security and cause people to be angry over false information.  The hostility in America cannot be fueled. We have to defuse the situation and call fake news out for what it is fake news!  Be sure you share this information our nation’s security is at risk.


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