The Highlights of President Trump’s Fifth Week In Office

President Trump ends his fourth week in office and first month in Melbourne Florida where President Trump held a rally with 100,000s showing their support of our ongoing president and his orders. First Lady Melania opened his speech with the Lord’s Prayer.  President Trump got many applauses for his speech and his fight against fake media.  President Trump remembers all of those that elected him President of the United States and he promises to keep all of his campaign promises.  His first agenda this week is to keep Americans safe!

President Trump will start the week preparing for his new revised modified tweaked executive order on the travel ban to appease others.

President Trump’s holding interviews today with 4 candidates for National Security Advisor. The four candidates Lt General Robert Caslen, Former UN Ambassador John Bolton,  Lt General Kellog and Lt General H.R. McMaster.  The White House is speaking with these four, the president has the right to pick anyone he chooses without Congresses’ approval.

Secretary of Defense General Mattis is using U.S. Soldiers to retake Mosul from ISIS.

Vice President Pence reassured NATO at Munich Security Conference.  Secretary of Defense General Mattis says NATO is critical to America’s defense.  President Trump says all of NATO’s 28 members need to provide monetarily only 5 of the members help support NATO leaving it up to America and that’s not fair to us.

President Trump’s new executive order on travel ban is to exclude those with green cards already issued and interpreters that worked with our military’s intelligence department.

President Trump: H.R. McMaster is our next National Security Advisor. He’s the author of  Dereliction of Duty he examined the mistakes made during the Viet Nam war and a graduate of West Point. He can examine now the mistakes made with ISIS and move forward. He also has a  PhD degree at North Carolina’s Chapel Hill University.  He has a chest full of medals from serving in Iraqi Freedom.  He devised a plan to divide Al Qaeda and their supplies. He’s more than qualified for the position. He’s an independent thinker.  He’s credited for turning the Iraq war around during a rough period in time. McMaster seems to be more Hawkish and he sees Russia as a possible rising threat to America.  He studied Putin’s destabilization strategy in Europe.


The ending of catch and release:

Dreamers will be allowed to stay: DACA is an American immigration policy started by the Obama administration in June 2012 that allows certain undocumented immigrants to the United States who entered the country as minors to receive a renewable two-year period of deferred action from deportation and eligibility.

Border wall: We may use helicopter landing pads that were used during the Vietnam War, corrugated steel that’s been recycled steel to keep the cost down.

We have to have a safe country.  We have to let people in that are going to love our country, not hate our country.

White House Briefing with Press Secretary Sean Spicer.

General McMaster needs a few days to get his team ready.

White House moves forward on DHS proposal for more aggressive measures. Those who commit crimes will be the first to go.  ICE Priority who is targeted by immigration. Immigration will prioritize criminal acts, such as gangs and the drug cartel.  Every country has their rules.  We have our rules.  We want to make sure that DHS and ICE have the authority that they need to keep the country safe.

Vice President Pence is doing a great job representing the United States he understands a strong NATO means a safer world.

President Trump visited the slavery exhibits for the first time today at the Smithsonian.  He was with Dr. Ben Carson and his wife Candy, as Dr. Ben Carson was made part of history it was very moving for the president.

Wednesday, February 22, President Trump reverses transgender restroom order by Obama where any sex could use whatever restroom they chose depending on how they’re feeling that day.  President Trump said it was all based on science and the states that it wasn’t a federal law. He was going to leave it up to each state. Scratch Transgender unsex restrooms.

Friday, February 24, President Trump speaks at CPAC saying he’s been busy, he started meeting with business leaders when he was President-elect Trump.  Now that he’s the president he hasn’t stopped.  He’s bringing more jobs back to America and removing EPA restrictions from coal miners, so they can get back to work and get off of welfare.  He’s making the American Dream reachable! He promised to keep America safe and isn’t going to apologize to anyone when it comes to keeping Americans safe.  He said his team has been working on getting the bad guys out.  General Kelly is doing a great job.  They don’t need to be here and we don’t want them here.  He said the border wall is going to be going up sooner than expected.  The audience gave him several standing ovations as they saw that he was keeping his campaign promises.  He said his main thing was to strengthen our military and make us a superpower where no one will want to mess with us, They will see what we have and back off, we don’t want our country vulnerable to our enemies. He said he inherited a real mess with Obamacare to the National Debt.  But he’s going to fix it all and it starts by bringing jobs back to America and he met with the Nation’s top C.E.O.s this week and they’re all on board promising to bring jobs to the broken economy that Obama’s presence still shadows.

Saturday, Feb 25, President Trump releases Tweet that he will be skipping the Press Correspondents’ annual dinner.

I will not be attending the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner this year. Please wish everyone well and have a great evening!


The media has not reported that the National Debt in my first month went down by $12 billion vs a $200 billion increase in Obama first mo.

Maybe the millions of people who voted to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN should have their own rally. It would be the biggest of them all!

This blog is updated hourly and daily as more information comes together.



Cabinet Update:

February 17, Administrator of Environmental Protection Agency Scott Pruitt confirmed.

February 16, Director, Office of Management and Budget: Representative Mick Mulvaney of South Carolina confirmed 51 to 49.

February 16, President Trump: Nominee For Secretary of Labor will be Alex Acosta

Department of Labor: Andrew Puzder drops out February 15th.

National Security Adviser Michael Flynn resigns over conversations with Russian ambassador about removing sanctions if Trump elected. Vice President Pence spoke to him about the allegations and Flynn denied it. Retired General Keith Kellogg named Acting National Security Advisor.  

Spicer calls Flynn’s resignation a trust issue.

President Donald Trump’s has 11 Cabinet Members So Far Confirmed Waiting on 8 more.

Department of Treasury: Steve Mnuchin awaiting confirmation February 13th.

Department of Veterans Affairs: Dr. David Shulkin confirmed February 13th.

Department of Health and Human Services: Representative Tom Price now confirmed.

In a party-line vote early Friday morning, the Senate confirmed Representative Tom Price of Georgia to lead the Department of Health and Human Services. Tom Price authored proposals to eliminate and replace Obamacare.

As HHS secretary, Price will now have the power to repeal and replace Obamacare. We can now look forward to affordable health care with premium coverage.

Secretary of State: Rex Tillerson status of nomination: Confirmed on a vote of 56 to 43 on February 1.

Department of Defense: General James Mattis confirmed on a vote 98 to 1 on January 20th.

Department of Justice: Senator Jeff Sessions confirmed on a vote 52 to 47 on February 8th.

Department of Homeland Security: Retired General John Kelly confirmed on a vote 88 to 11 on January 20th.

Department of Transportation: Elaine Chao Confirmed on a vote of 93 to 6 on January 31st.

Department of Education: Betsy Devos Confirmed on a 51-50 vote on February 7, with Vice President Mike Pence breaking the tie.

Ambassador to the United Nations: Governor Nikki Haley of South Carolina confirmed on a vote 96 to 4.

Director of C.I.A. Representative Mike Pompeo of Kansas confirmed on a vote 66 to 32 on January 23rd.

  • Department of Housing and Urban Development: Dr. Ben Carson. Awaiting floor vote.
  • Department of Energy: Former Texas Governor Rick Perry. Awaiting floor vote.
  • Department of Labor:
  • Department of the Interior: Representative Ryan Zinke. Awaiting floor vote.
  • Department of Commerce: Wilbur Ross. Awaiting floor vote.
  • Department of Agriculture: Sonny Perdue. Awaiting a hearing.




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