Where Are America’s Forgotten Heroes That Were Left Behind?



I’ve had military dog handlers contact me and say have you seen my dog?  The last time  I saw my dog, my war companion is when I was serving active duty.  I heard my dog was passed down to another dog handler.  I’ve tried to get my dog back but it cost a lot of money to transport them to the states, and I hear there’s a waiting list.  Unfortunately, not all of America’s heroes made it back.  We can hope and pray, with our new president that no hero will be left behind including our War Dogs!  Many troops were betrayed by the Obama Administration in the past believing that after they served they could adopt their MWDs’ through Robby’s Law that was passed in November 2000.  But unfortunately, they didn’t tell them that it would be at their own expense to transport their military working dog back to the United States.  Let’s make sure President Trump includes all heroes when he says no one will be left behind ever again!  These are amazing creatures, so well-trained and smarter than some humans.  I would love to have one of them!




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