The Highlights of President Trump’s Sixth Week In Office

President Trump plans for another busy week ahead as he faces more challenges and opposition to get his Cabinet complete with big tax and regulation cuts coming while fighting against illegal White House leaks.  We can all look forward with much anticipation as he: shapes, molds and repositions America into the superpower that she once was.  He has already decreased the National Debt by 12 billion dollars.  I would say he’s doing everything he promised and much more…I can’t wait to see what he does his sixth week in office!  This week we can expect to hear more about his modified executive order on immigration and Affordable Healthcare Act.  He will repeal and replace the failing Obamacare that’s crashing.  Monday he meets with the Nation’s Governors to discuss his plans and Tuesday he gives his first speech to Congress. It sounds like another exciting week for President Trump and our great Nation keep visiting our site as we update it as more information comes in.  God bless America!

Monday, February 27. We hear President Trump is cutting the budget to the EPA and plans on using this money and more to increase the budget for National Security and building up our military of 54 billion dollars.  President Trump is also meeting with leading health insurance companies around the Nation to discuss repealing and replacing Obamacare.

Press Conference:  The president is going to cut budgets and use unnecessary budgets to build up the military to keep America safe.  We are going to send less money overseas and use it here.  Mulvaney: Pres: Trump is proposing 603 billion to build our military.  The president met with 49 governors of the Nation how to rebuild America and our military.  The savings will be rational and beneficial to America.  We have to keep America safe and prosperous.

Spicer: For too long, the Federal Govt has not treated taxpayer dollars with respect, money has been wasted.  Not anymore…

Wilbur Ross, Secretary of Commerce should be confirmed today and signed in tomorrow.

The Pentagon presented its plan to defeat ISIS and what it will take.  We are concerned right now about the attacks going on against the Jewish people in our Nation. Everyone has the right to worship who they please we view this as a hate crime against Jews.

Tuesday, February 28, President Trump signed Into Law:

H.R. 255, which encourages the National Science Foundation to recruit and support women to expand their focus into the commercial world in its entrepreneurial programs;

H.R. 321, which requires the National Aeronautics and Space Administration to encourage women and girls to:  (1) study science, technology, engineering and mathematics; (2) pursue careers in aerospace; and (3) further the Nation’s space exploration efforts; and

H.J.Res. 40, which nullifies the Social Security Administration’s rule implementing the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) Improvement Amendments Act of 2007.

Address to Congress:  Awesome!

I’m going to create new job opportunities for women.

Department of Homeland Security and Department of Justice to put together a task force to get rid of those that have crossed across our Nation selling drugs.

We must have the rule of law at our borders.  We will start the construction along the southern border.  We are removing drug dealers and gangs that prey on our citizens.

Our obligation is to protect and defend U.S. citizens against radical Islam.

We will work with our allies to extinguish ISIS from our planet.

We are rebuilding our relationship with Israel.

We will defend our Constitution.

President Trump asks the senate to approve Justice Supreme Court Judge, Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court.

The time has come for National rebuilding.

America spent 6 trillion overseas and did nothing to rebuild America.

I will create new jobs for Americans by two cores buy American, hire American.

I will repeal and replace Obamacare. I will lower the price of healthcare insurance. Obamacare is failing and we must act to protect all Americans.

First, we should ensure that Americans with preexisting conditions have access to coverage and that we have a stable transition for Americans currently enrolled in the healthcare exchanges.

Secondly, we should help Americans purchase their own coverage through the use of tax credits and expanded Health Savings Accounts — but it must be the plan they want, not the plan forced on them by our government.

Thirdly, we should give our great state governors the resources and flexibility they need with Medicaid to make sure no one is left out.

Fourth, we should implement legal reforms that protect patients and doctors from unnecessary costs that drive up the price of insurance, and work to bring down the artificially high price of drugs, and bring them down immediately.

And finally, the time has come to give Americans the freedom to purchase health insurance across state lines — (applause) — which will create a truly competitive national marketplace that will bring costs way down and provide far better care.  So important.

Everything that is broken in our country can be fixed.  Every problem can be solved.  And every hurting family can find healing and hope.



VOICE: Victims of Immigration Crimes Engagement

Standing Ovation for deceased Navy SEAL Ryan Owen’s wife and the time he served and dedicated to our Country.  President Trump said his service and what he did will spread out through eternity, and the Bible says, there is no greater gift than to give your life for a friend and Country and Navy SEAL Ryan Owen’s did it all.  It was so refreshing to see a president finally standup for God and Country! God Bless America!

Wednesday, March 1,

Ryan Zinke (CONFIRMED)

Secretary of Interior

U.S. representative, Montana; member of House Natural Resources Committee; former Navy SEAL

New White House Executive Order On Immigration Travel Now Expected On Friday or Next Week.

See President Trump’s Full Speech to Congress:




Big dinner with Governors tonight at White House. Much to be discussed, including healthcare.

Russia talk is FAKE NEWS put out by the Dems, and played up by the media, in order to mask the big election defeat and the illegal leaks!

Great optimism for future of U.S. business, AND JOBS, with the DOW having an 11th straight record close. Big tax & regulation cuts coming!

This blog is updated hourly and daily to keep you advised!


Cabinet Update:

Rex Tillerson (CONFIRMED)

Secretary of State
James Mattis (CONFIRMED)

James Mattis (CONFIRMED)

Secretary of Defense
Steven Mnuchin (CONFIRMED)

Steven Mnuchin (CONFIRMED)

Secretary of Treasury

Trump campaign finance chairman; former Goldman Sachs partner; Hollywood producer

Jeff Sessions (CONFIRMED)

Jeff Sessions (CONFIRMED)

Attorney General


Secretary of Health and Human Services

U.S. representative, Georgia; chairman of House Budget Committee; orthopedic surgeon



Secretary of Education

Charter school advocate; philanthropist; Republican donor

Elaine Chao (CONFIRMED)

Elaine Chao (CONFIRMED)

Secretary of Transportation
Nikki Haley (CONFIRMED)

Nikki Haley (CONFIRMED)

U.S. Ambassador to United Nations
John Kelly (CONFIRMED)

John Kelly (CONFIRMED)

Secretary of Homeland Security

Retired Marine general; former commander of U.S. Southern Command

Linda McMahon (CONFIRMED)

Linda McMahon (CONFIRMED)

Administrator of the Small Business Administration

Former CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment

David Shulkin (CONFIRMED)

David Shulkin (CONFIRMED)

Secretary of Veterans Affairs

Under secretary for health for the Department of Veterans Affairs; former hospital executive

Mick Mulvaney (CONFIRMED)

Mick Mulvaney (CONFIRMED)

Director of Office of Management and Budget

U.S. representative, South Carolina; former South Carolina state senator and representative

Scott Pruitt (CONFIRMED)

Scott Pruitt (CONFIRMED)

Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency

Oklahoma attorney general; former state senator

Wilbur Ross

Wilbur Ross (CONFIRMED)

Secretary of Commerce

Investor; former banker

Ryan Zinke

Ryan Zinke (CONFIRMED)

Secretary of Interior

U.S. representative, Montana; member of House Natural Resources Committee; former Navy SEAL

Ben Carson

Ben Carson (CONFIRMED)

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

Former director of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital; 2016 candidate for president

Rick Perry (CONFIRMED)

Secretary of Energy

Former Texas governor; former Texas agriculture commissioner, two-time presidential candidate



Those Still Waiting Approval Are:

  • Robert Lighthizer

    U.S. Trade Representative

    Former deputy U.S. trade representative

    Sonny Perdue

    Sonny Perdue

    Secretary of Agriculture

    Former Georgia governor

    Alexander Acosta

    Alexander Acosta

    Secretary of Labor

    Florida International University College of Law dean; former federal prosecutor; former labor relations board member

    White House

    Individuals Trump has appointed

    Reince Priebus

    Reince Priebus

    Chief of Staff

    Chairman of Republican National Committee

    H.R. McMaster

    H.R. McMaster

    National Security Adviser
    Stephen K. Bannon

    Stephen K. Bannon

    Chief Strategist

    Executive chairman of Breitbart News

    Donald McGahn

    Donald McGahn

    White House Counsel

    Former member of the Federal Election Commission

    Kellyanne Conway

    Kellyanne Conway

    Counselor to the President

    Former Trump campaign manager and senior adviser; pollster

    Sean Spicer

    Sean Spicer

    Press Secretary

    Chief strategist and communications director, Republican National Committee


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