Preppers: Food Grade IBC Container for Aquaponics



We found our food grade IBC containers.  Our next big project will be aquaponics.  We could also use this to collect extra water and attach a rain saucer on it to collect clean water.  The possibilities are limitless.  But what we are thinking we will start a fish pond and raise our own fish and use the top surface to grow our garden.  Everything will work synergistically to keep it clean and healthy.  The vegetables will add oxygen to the water and the fish will add natural fertilizer so it all works synergistically together.

Here is the possibility of collecting fresh rainwater.  My mind is racing with all the endless possibilities.

You know to survive we need to get smart and quit taking things for granted and go back to nature.  I think Israel was a great example of this they turned a dry thirsty desert land into the Promised Land, and now everyone once a piece of that land.  We need to look and observe how other countries have survived and follow their footsteps and not be too proud but humble ourselves and work with our, God-given hands.

I married a man who graduated with a degree in Forestry so he knows botany and how to survive.  He always comes up with projects for outside, and he owns a landscaping business too.  He works the right side of the brain and I switch to the creative side. So between the two of us, we make a good team.




Follow us at as we teach you how to survive in an Apocalyptic world.


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