The New York Times confirmed that the Obama Administration set out to sabotage President Trump’s transition to the White House from the start setting up unmovable obstacles and questions that would leave many pondering about the Russian influence.  Obama’s Administration scrambled information about Russian meddling and hacking and determined not to let the issue die and even removed such clearance levels.  They kept stirring up the black kettle of dissension and illusions not letting anything settle.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions said he never discussed the 2016 campaign issues with the Russians.  Yes, he met with the Russian Ambassador but the Trump campaign and presidential election were never mentioned. It is not unusual for foreign diplomats to meet.  Attorney General Jeff Sessions seems to be another innocent Obama target.  Then Senator Sessions met him in his office, it wasn’t in secret.

Who knows the next person they may blame might be God!  I know of people who prayed for Trump to win the presidency all the way to Africa.  It might have been a Divine Intervention.  It sounds spiritual to me!

Two weeks ago Senator John McCain traveled to Syria, we don’t know who he met with or talked with…

Senator Chuck  Schumer met with the Russians why wasn’t that brought up? He met with Russia’s President Putin.  You don’t hear anyone talking about that!


Hillary Clinton made a deal with Russia the Uranium One Deal, why wasn’t that ever brought up?

We saw through the 8 years of Obama’s presidency that he met with several suspicious eyes. We even saw after SEAL TEAM Six killed Osama Bin Laden several of them died in a suspicious helicopter crash, where someone had to give their coordinates for them to be sabotaged. There were many unanswered questions.   We saw our top military left to Muslim funerals and their bodies left for desecration. There were a lot of suspicious things during the Obama Administration.  Some were, sending weapons to the Mexican Cartel adding fuel to the fire of racial tensions.  And stealing from low-income mortgage lenders Freddie  Mac and Fanny Mae to support one-legged Obamacare, standing on  one wooden leg. Now that Trump is erasing his failed legacy Obama can’t rest.  He’s even got the real fast and furious Eric Holder behind him.  Things are really starting to stir up in Washington D.C.  He’s even created a website where his progressive protestors and agitators can print a manual of Obama grief for our healing and wounded Nation.

Meanwhile, with all the Obama Administration secrecy and denial of President Trump winning the election and moving the Country forward Obama has set up camp just two blocks away from the White House in Washington D.C. where he’s now set up camp, his own progressive coop disguised as democratic to bring the Trump Administration down to protect his failing legacy. We all know his real true agenda is to destroy America and turn her into a third world country of globalism and socialism where he can be a dictator. With news headlines spreading across the Nation that his former Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett and some of his former staff have moved in with him. He even has an office that he calls the west wing.  Sounds eerie, narcissistic! Ghostly! Ghost of President Past!


Obama isn’t taking it easy as a retired president.  His plans some could say are on the version of treason to bring another president down..






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