It Was Reported That Jesus Christ Helped Trump Win The White House

It was recently reported that Jesus Christ helped Trump win the White House and now they’re on a witch-hunt.  Though they don’t seem to be having much luck because the Holy Spirit comes and goes.  But they all know now when Jesus lays his hands on Trump the world changes instantly, and the democrats are trying to set their traps, but the Spirit of God moves through America untouchable.  The only way they can receive a visit from the Holy Spirit is to confess their sins, and we all know that democrats are too perfect to admit any imperfections.  It was recently reported there was another sighting and move of God when President Trump was prayed for and it left the mainstream media in tears when he said God bless America!  Yes, the liberals are in chaotic fears, they’ve never seen a move of God like this before in America.  Our God with omnipresence, omniscience, omnipotence seems to be aware of the corruption in America and he’s not taking his protective hands off of President Trump. And the democrats are screeching and screaming that it’s not fair.  Stay tuned as we report more Holy Spirit sightings.  Breaking: It was also reported that the democrats have sent their minions to Israel to wait for the Holy Man to come off the cross.  They don’t realize he’s the same today as yesterday.

And forget about all the fake news.





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