Obama Still Holding Onto the White House Skirt

Obama can’t seem to move forward he has to walk behind the shadow of President Trump. He even rented a house 2 blocks away, and now his former adviser Valerie Jarrett has even moved in with him and Michelle.  It all sounds kind of weird. She might be there to hold his hand through the transition time and whisper, every thing’s going to be all right. I’m here to get you through the night. We’ll put up a fight!  I mean what is he going to do now?  He can play golf anytime he wants to.  He has his angry minions following him.  He even created a manual giving them instructions how to protest Trump. Yeah, he’s still busy trying to divide America. I haven’t figured out yet, what’s the diet of angry minions.  Do they eat malicious poster boards? Or do they go around writing the Russians are coming after inviting them 22 times into the White House. It sounds like he’s trying to plot a way to get back into the White House.



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