Ghost of Past President Obama Could Face Charges of Sedition As Evidence Mounts

The evidence is mounting against former President Obama.  He can’t seem to stay out of trouble and out of the news.  He really has become a ‘Ghost Past President’ and he’s taunting and haunting President Trump with his civilian coup to overthrow the new administration with his paid protestors and agitators. He has to be wearing on President Trump’s nerves.  No president in 100 years of American history has ever faced the hostile life-threatening opposition as President Trump.  Obama has tried to make his time and life in the White House miserable from leaks to the liberal mainstream media to wiretapping. Most American presidents pick out a nice retirement spot and relax, not Obama.  He still sees himself as the president and a permanent resident of Washington D.C.  President Trump can’t seem to get rid of him.  He’s like an unwelcome shadow that lurks in the night waiting and watching for it to attack.  With all of Obama’s smooth talk as a silver-tongued devil.  He thought he had already overthrown the government and was prepared to be the new one world order dictator of America.  It had to be a big shock for him when Trump won the presidency. And now Obama is gasping in the deep grave of a failed legacy.   Every time President Trump signs a new executive order his dreams go farther down into the grave of disparity and Obama becomes more piracy.  It even becomes harder, mind-boggling to understand why there are those that choose a sinking titanic full of a lot of hot smoke to the real hope of posterity and a stronger America. How can America be so divided? What was it that they saw in this man?What is it that they still see as his shadow is quickly fading?




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