Military Base Given To China On U.S. Soil

California is slowly being transformed into little China from land and farms to now our shipping ports, we’ve given it all away!  It’s just a matter of time before China takes California completely over, this is the root to our democracy, how can we protect America when shipping ports are given away!  California’s governor doesn’t care about Long Beach Naval Base, he’s part of the China transition team in California.  This is the only naval port on the west coast, and we gave it away. Our government is selling us out. This is the only deep water port on the west coast. This is just being handed over to communist China. It won’t be long and all of California will soon belong to China, and this is going to affect America’s food supply and economy, and yes, National Security!  President Trump, you need to stop this and protect America from those that are selling us off piece by piece.



Terminal Island Naval Station Long Beach


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