Comey Adds Another Nail To The Democratic Party’s Coffin

Did you hear it? Comey admitted he was the unknown leaker of the Russian conspiracy that was a made up conspiracy by the Democratic Party.  You heard it, t was all a big fat lie.  Should we be shocked? No!  He also admitted to being a weak man head of the FBI. It looks like President Trump has been vindicated by all rights.  Americans now know the truth.  Comey should’ve been fired and he was.  Now that we know the real truth can we let our president get on with his job of making America great again?  I’m so burned out on fake news and fake food.  I have to admit when it came to the Russian conspiracy that was it for me. I reached total burnout and started concentrating on the real things in life, family, and gardening and real food.  The Democrats will say or do anything at this point to get the purple revolution moving, which by the way is the George Soros movement.  The same movement that destroyed Hungary where  Soros is from. where he’s not even allowed into his own country.  If only the fake news was real news that we could depend on.  If you watch ABC, NBC and CBS and now CNN.  You’re probably a big fan of the Stepford Wives too now that Megyn Kelly has joined the liberal team and rubber eggs and plastic rice from China.  By the way, the last thing I heard was the Democratic Party is dead and buried.






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