Breaking: North Korea Now Has the Capability of Hitting the U.S.A. with Missiles

North Korea can now target and hit the U.S.A  with nuclear- guided missiles thanks to former president Bill Clinton.  You heard it.  Stiff Willy arranged all of this when he was president.  We knew this day would come, we just weren’t sure when. Americans are now at risk of a nuclear threat from North Korea.  North Korea grows more dangerous each day with no one knowing how this lunatic will react.  North Korea poses to be the highest risk right now to the United States of America.  President Trump said North Korea’s threats will be met with “fire and fury.”  Kim Jong un has threatened the wrong president.  U.S. bombers now flying near North Korea Peninsula. We could wake up tomorrow at war with North Korea.

North Korea threatens Guam which is a large military base for the United States.

President Trump’s warning to Kim Jong un your threats will be met with power, fire, and fury like the world has never seen!


China is the key to containing North Korea: But China does nothing to stop North Korea from becoming a nuclear power.








Globalist Seek to Isolate President Trump and Take Him Out

Globalist are isolating President Trump.  President Trump has started his own news to counteract the fake news.   People are being blocked from Twitter accounts that like what President Trump post.  This is an all out attempt to stop the success of President Trump.  We have a president that humbles himself to pray for our country. He accepts no income for his job as president and has created over 1 million jobs since being president.  He’s proven over and over again, that he loves America.  And the elite are ready to throw America under the Islamist bus.  We hear rumors of a possible assassination attempt.  We hear rumors of a civil war.  The question remains, why do some Americans want to destroy America that has been the strongest country in the world.  When Obama was president we saw the military cut by 30 percent.  We saw our men and women in uniform coming back delivered in military caskets.  And now, we have a president that respects our military and law enforcement and the good guy is now becoming the evil guy; because he wants to take care of our country like a real president.  It’s so sad to hear how epic it is that they want to isolate him and take him out and the cowards around him that won’t stand up and defend him.  This is so sad to sit back and watch the filthy political corruption of the globalist that comes from the smelly stench of all the people that Soros has killed for self-gain.   Why can’t they just arrest and prosecute the people that are involved in the Deep State take over?  Where are America’s heroes?


President Trump may be surrounded by a lot of cowards, but he has one hero behind him that has his back, Jesus Christ!

Father God, I lift President Donald Trump to you.  I pray for a hedge of protection around him.  That your holy angels will guide and protect him in his daily walk and when he sleeps at night.  I ask Father God, that you give him the gift of wisdom to outsmart his enemies that are a globalist, many. I pray Father God, that his fight is your fight and all the evil is finally exposed.  Whatever has been hidden in darkness will be brought into the light.  All deceivers will be exposed, all of those that have or plan to commit treason against our country will be exposed. Father, I pray for your safety over America and all of our military men and women and law enforcement that risk their lives daily to keep us safe!  Oh, Lord, how great is your name in all the earth.  We give you our love and praise! Amen!


Mueller & McMaster Caught Colluding with Islamist and Soros, Trump Delivers Brutal Surprise


President Donald Trump scares the hell out of the elite much more than anyone

ever knew.  They are so threatened that they’ve unleashed Robert Mueller and H.R. McMaster, who we just learned are colluding with enemies of America, the State, to sabotage President Donald Trump.  Conservative experts report that this may very well lead to something catastrophic that they never saw coming, and it’s all part of the brutal surprise Trump’s about to drop on them.

Confirmed: President Donald Trump Will be Running for President In 2020


It was announced by Vice President Mike Pence that President Trump will be running for president in 2020.  This will make him a two term president.  President Trump has made significant changes in the White House.  He’s stirred the liberal pot cleaning up all the messes that the former administration left behind. Now it’s time to clean the liberal kettle for good.  The new slogan for 2020 could be KAGVT  “Keep America Great Vote Trump.”  It sounds good to me!